2017年度第3回第1問 単熟語4択問題


今日は、去る1月21日(日)に実施されました、第3回英検1級1次試験 第1問単熟語問題の解答と全訳をお伝えします。


(1) The computer company prides itself on the high (  ) of its employees.Its executives go to great lengths to recruit the most skilled candidates.


1 moniker あだ名
2 timidity 臆病さ
3 caliber 力量
4 vulgarity 下品

(2) The company's decision to switch to a new advertising agency has
paid off. Sales of its products are now (  ) .


1 burgeoning 急成長している
2 begrudging 出し惜しみしている
3 mollifying 和らいでいる
4 meandering 曲がりくねっている

(3) After their argument, it took some time for the bad feelings
between Toby and Fred to fully (  ). After a few weeks, though, they
had forgotten about it.


1 dissipate 消え去る
2 inundate 殺到する
3 enumerate 列挙する
4 resuscitate 取り戻す

(4) Many employees disliked the new chairman's (   ) attitude. They
felt his unfriendliness and lack of enthusiasm would turn off
potential clients.


1 elated 大喜びな
2 amenable 快く応じる
3 sanguine 楽観的な
4 aloof よそよそしい

(5) In recent months, the mayor's popularity has been (  ) due to the
failure of his economic policies. The public is clearly unhappy with
his leadership.


1 fomenting 高まっている
2 waning 徐々に弱まっている
3 flaunting 誇示している
4 scowling 顔をしかめている

(6) Opinion about the leader of the new religion was divided. Some
observers thought he was genuine; others thought he was a ( ) who had
gained followers by lying to them.


1 charlatan ぺてん師
2 wayfare 旅人
3 visionary 先見の明のある
4 hypochondriac 心気症の

(7) The two languages showed so many similarities that linguists
concluded they are both ( )of a common root language.


1 outskirts 郊外
2 upstarts 成金
3 outposts 出先機関
4 offshoots 派生物

(8) Senator Blake's claim that he knew nothing about the illegal
payments was (  ) when a journalist obtained an e-mail in which he
mentioned receiving them.


1 stratified 階層化される
2 refuted 論破される
3 consoled 慰められる
4 mumbled つぶやく

(9) The government ordered a (   ) attack against the newly formed
rebel group. It intended to stop the rebellion before it had a chance
to become a serious threat.


1 complicit 凶暴の
2 discerning 区別できる
3 bombastic 大袈裟な
4 preemptive 先制の

(10) (  ) temperatures caused delays at airports across the nation, as
ice had to be removed from planes before they were able to take off.


1 Frigid 極寒の
2 Illicit 違法の
3 Brazen あつかましい
4 Haughty 高慢な

(11) Because of the ( ) violence in the movie, only people aged 17 or
above are allowed to view it in theaters.


1 clairvoyant 千里眼の
2 immaculate 完璧なる
3 explicit 明らかな
4 idyllic 牧歌的な

(12) An argument over money caused a (  ) between the two sisters.
Twenty years passed before they spoke to each other again.


1 gamut 全範囲
2 rift 仲たがい
3 throng 群衆
4 ruse 計略

(13) For their 25th wedding anniversary, Glen bought his wife a
beautiful gold necklace (   ) with rubies and diamonds.


1 dispatched 派遣された
2 bereaved 家族を亡くした
3 segregated 分離した
4 adorned 装飾された

(14) The volcano erupted about 300 years ago, but it has been (   )
ever since. Still, scientists believe it will likely erupt again
someday in the future.


1 strenuous 精力的な
2 dormant 活動休止中の
3 tawdry 品のない
4 pensive 物思いにふけった

(15) Coal mines in the region had been making steady profits for
years. However, a (  ) of foreign coal has created too much supply,
driving prices down.


1 jab 不意の突き
2 sham まがいもの
3 glut 供給過剰
4 thud ドサッという音

(16) Leo's parents (  ) a love of reading in him from a young age.
They read him stories frequently and took him to the library to choose
books to read on his own.


1 undermined 損なう
2 inculcated 教え込む
3 deflected そらす
4 effaced 取り除く

(17) Although some experts claim lengthy prison sentences are the best
( ) against crime, others insist sentencing policies and crime rates
are unconnected.


1 riddle なぞなぞ
2 deterrent 抑止力
3 pageant 壮麗な行列
4 euphoria 一時的な幸福感

(18) The judge said the lawsuit against the automotive company was (
).He noted there was absolutely no evidence the company had done
anything wrong.


1 steadfast 不動の
2 inveterate 頑固な
3 frivolous 軽薄な、くだらない
4 resplendent 華麗な

A: I'm so worried about meeting your parents tonight, Julie. What if
they don't like me?
B: Stop ( )! Just relax and be yourself. I'm sure
they'll love you.

B: くよくよしないで! リラックスして自分をもって。きっと気に入ってくれるわよ。

1 wading ぬかるみの中を歩く
2 partaking 参加する
3 fretting くよくよする
4 chuckling くすっと笑う

(20) Many experts thought things could not get any worse after the
housing market collapsed, but it turned out to be just a (  ) to the
larger economic disaster that was to follow.


1 precursor 前兆
2 perusal 熟読
3 predilection 偏愛
4 persecution 迫害

(21) Sharon's analysis of Shakespeare's Hamlet was so (  ) that her
professor gave her essay an A+. He told her he had never had a student
who understood the play as thoroughly as she did.


1 astute 抜け目のない
2 placid 落ち着いた
3 stifling 息が詰まるほど暑い
4 polarizing 二極化させる

A: Drew, (  ) on the gas a little! You're driving way too fast!
B: Oh, sorry. I wasn't paying attention to my speed

B: お、ごめん。速度を注意してなったよ。

1 skim off 横領する
2 chip in  お金を出し合う
3 act out 子どもが行儀悪くする
4 case up 緩める

(23) During his many years in office, Governor Rodriguez has managed
to (  ) scandals that would have ended the career of most politicians.

1 tip off 打ち明ける
2 ride out 乗り越える
3 spout off とうとうしゃべる
4 stake out 張り込みする

(24) The manager was told to cut his staff by 30 percent to reduce
labor costs, so he spent the next few weeks (  ) the least-capable


1 weeding out 除去する
2 trailing off 次第に小さくなる
3 ramping up 強化する
4 striking up 突然始める

(25) The boy waited for the school bus for 20 minutes before it
finally him that it was Saturday and he did not have to go to school.

1 dawned on  気づく
2 zipped by 締める?
3 muscled into 押し入る
4 staved off 食い止める
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